Saturday, 25 May 2013

*** Render Unto Caesar ***

2nd Prize Winner in the Writers Village Award 2011

A short story 1500 words, a poignant observation of all those involved in carrying out the ultimate penalty.

Gerry a journalist sent on assignment to the deep south is world weary he's seen it all before but is forced to question his own beliefs and values.

Pastor Josef Hoff puts on his tie,the same tie he has worn on fifty six other occasions.

Twenty to thirty five seconds to strap a man down,they'd got it down to a fine art.
Render Unto Caesar
Amazon Review

A remarkable story, well worth reading, both powerful and poignant. It is cleverly patterned with some very deft craft work and a surprise denouement. Barron can write!

From the Author

Books and films about death row are usually centred around the character who faces execution. I wanted to look at the peripheral characters, the chaplain, the people who physically carry out the task and the people that report it.

On another level I wanted to reflect society's polarised opinion, to illustrate the grotesque carnival atmosphere somewhat akin to the public executions of the middle ages and contrast this with the beliefs of those opposed to capital punishment.

And finally the character who faces the ultimate punishment, I wanted to juxtapose his mortality with the indifference and banality of society, the culture of bubblegum pop

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Impeccable Credentials

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Johnny Rockett has lived too close to the edge for far too long. They're out to get him but Johnny has a plan. 

Things fall nicely in to place with his new job at Ministery House. A cushy number, taking care of the ailing Mr Akenaton, the last in line of an ancient family from the old Mediterranean world.

Once again Johnny has fallen on his feet and inadvertently found redemption but is it too late?

Is Johnny's dubious past about to catch up with him? 

Editorial Reviews

From the Author

The cycle of life death and rebirth can be found everywhere and is the theme that runs through this short story. I think there is an endearing yet slightly unsettling aspect of country music which looks forward to, almost can't wait for 'that glorious day when we will meet way up yonder,' hence Johnny's love of Hank Williams.
Influences came from the Berkely University podcast on the Ancient Mediterranean World. Homicide A Year On The Killing Streets by David Simon described a city fighting to survive. And of course Hank Williams.
To continue the theme I compared an ancient civilisation with the decay and regeneration of a decaying, colonial city located on America's 'rust belt'.