Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Render Unto Caesar

The weary poet watches Him as.

The pendulum swings.

Inside He sings the sirens song.

Unknowing. It calls for Him.

The preacher robes and reads.

And waits as candles burn.

The poet hears an angry voice.  

Another couldn’t care.

Inside He dreams of Mercury. As

Oblivious He eats His Last Supper.

Outside His audience waits.

And cries 'Render unto Caesar'.

With silver buckles and leather binds.

He lies. Attendants at his side.

Through pierced skin three streams flow.

Thiopental. Bromide. Potassium Chloride

The Poet writes. The Preacher prays. The

Crowd cheer. The Woman weeps. As.

The pendulum stops. 

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