Thursday, 13 September 2012

Starfish [Kindle Edition]
Jennie Orbell


Book Description
When Livvy’s husband announces he is having an affair, the after effect is life-changing for all involved.

Persuaded by her brother, James, to spend Christmas with him at Brandon Hall, his friend Rory’s family home, she soon finds herself the centre of attention. Livvy would prefer to find a quiet place to hide away and think about what the future holds for her, but the other members of Rory’s family have very different ideas.

Whilst Rory’s mother, Molly, thinks of Livvy as the daughter she never had, Rory’s elder brother, Max, appears to consider it his duty to offer Livvy unsolicited advice on her sex life even though they’ve only just met. To Livvy’s horror, Max had the audacity to say that if she had just lain on her back like a dead starfish and thought of England then it was probably her husband’s fault and not Livvy’s.

Max’s, spiteful, but beautiful girlfriend, Reba, is determined that nothing and no one will stop her from one day becoming mistress of Brandon Hall. And, William, Livvy’s husband, hasn’t finished with her yet!

Livvy must learn to let go of the past before she has any chance of a happy future.

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