Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Bodhisattva of Carraigmore

Three people are converging on the rural Irish village of Carraigmore, an ancient village steeped in the traditions of Celtic folklore and mysticism.

Eddie Doyle has reached that time of life, going nowhere in his job, mounting debts an indolent wife and for him time is running out.

Henry J. O’ Farrell a successful but ruthless American businessman is coming to Carraigmore to finally settle a long standing family injustice.

And then there is Tara.

The Bodhisattva of Carraigmore

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Set in Ireland, an American seeks revenge for a perceived injustice to an ancestor who left the village under a cloud.

Well written with a magical twist. I loved this short story and would like to read more about the people of Carraigmore.

I do not usually read short stories but the cover and title caught my attention. Glad I did download this as a freebie, I really enjoyed it.
For me, it is a reminder and illustration of how our actions can effect others. In this story, Eddie's need of security for a loan could have changed the lives of a whole community on the other side of the world.
Henry's long held grudge could have had the same effect.

Tara's involvement - decide for yourself

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