Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ugly Scenes at Carraigmore St Patricks Day Parade

Unfortunately our worst fears were realised at the Carraigmore St Patrick's day Parade. Members of the Occupy Carraigmore protest group rioted in the financial district and the crack Carraigmore Special Patrol Squad had to be called in.

Chief Inspector Fitzy Mcgonagle said 'As much as we tried we were completely unprepared for this.
We've been to Iraq and Afghanistan and studied policing methods but you just can't legislate for this type of anarchy.'

It appears the biggest problem was a splinter group of the Occupy protests The Greencastle Red Hand Brigade.
Fitzy said. 'We drew on our experience of the riots in England and managed to kettle them in for a few hours until we could bring in the water cannon and tear gas. '
Danescastle subversive elements kettled in by the crack Bannow Special Patrol Squad
Unfortunately and worringly The Greencastle Red Hand Brigade are a new and completely subversive element.
'They're a feckin law unto themselves,' said Fitzy 'Sometimes they're on the streets until well past seven o' clock.'

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