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The Bodhisattva of Carraigmore

4.0 out of 5 stars A nice lunchtime read, I liked it., 30 Mar 2012

This review is from: The Bodhisattva of Carraigmore (Kindle Edition)


I have to be completely honest and admit I do not usually read a lot of short stories. So it is worth remembering when reading this review that I do not have a lot to compare to this story. What I can say is I enjoyed this story.
This book was a lovely read. I read it from start to finish in one go because it piqued my interest. The story was easy going and fun in parts.
I liked the fact that even though it was such a short story there was room for three different characters, you learned about their backgrounds and they all came together at the end of the book. The reason I think I liked it so much was because it made me think afterwards about how one person had so much responsibility and one foolish mistake could have ruined an entire community. I liked the characters and would like to learn more about their future so hopefully this book is just an introduction the lovely village of Carraigmore and the author will write a book where we learn about the future of the village and the characters. I am particularly interested in finding out what happens in Eddie's future. I also liked Peggy O'Connor and would like to hear more about her as she added humour to the book and she was a character everyone would have met someone like her in their lifetime.

I enjoyed the stories that went back to the Grandfathers of the men and how they linked in to the present day story.

There was a nice twist at the end. A short story with lots packed in to it.

I would recommend this book if you would like a nice light read.

I have been pondering whether to rate this 3 or 4 stars, I decided to go with 4 stars because it is a good read not just an ok read.
So 4 stars from me and I hope I get the meet the people of Carraigmore again soon.

Becky Sherriff (The Kindle Book Review)

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Set in Ireland, an American seeks revenge for a perceived injustice to an ancestor who left the village under a cloud.

Well written with a magical twist. I loved this short story and would like to read more about the people of Carraigmore.


I do not usually read short stories but the cover and title caught my attention. Glad I did download this as a freebie, I really enjoyed it.
For me, it is a reminder and illustration of how our actions can effect others. In this story, Eddie's need of security for a loan could have changed the lives of a whole community on the other side of the world.
Henry's long held grudge could have had the same effect.

Tara's involvement - decide for yourself


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